To prevent Liberal National Party logging our state to biological extinction

We base our actions on evidence

Now we urge you to Vote to Stop

Australian Liberal Party and National Party Policy from:

pelletising our forests for export to overseas furnaces

renewing timber supply agreements with corporations at shocking economic loss

cable logging what remains of our catchments for deforestation 

wildlife becoming extinct because of NO HABITAT  

Get Green, Labor, Independents who care about environment to use website and road campaign

to get these facts to the public

How Did Nativesrule Find Out What Was Happening? Investigation Stage

2005 we began to see bare areas deep within forests.  Google earth imagery showed it was happening all over the landscape from the south to the north coast. We knew they had been clear felling South Eastern NSW forests for a long time for wood chip to export but forestry had always maintained that the northern forests were for saw logs. We thought forests were sustainably managed. Google earth imagery could not keep up with the rate of cutting researchers witnessed on the ground.

2010 State Forests (renamed under Liberal National Party Forest Corporation NSW) had to admit that the clear fell areas weren’t regrowing.  So they renamed their destruction and called it heavy single tree selection. Already they were logging steep remote areas, the most delicate rivulets that become the tributaries forming the water supply of all NSW coastal catchments.  We couldn’t believe they were going into these previously protected catchments.  When asked here’s the recorded reply of a forestry operations supervisor:  “6 yrs ago, they wanted to access the unmapped drainage lines.  The Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) under which they operated from Fisheries prevented this.  But now (Forests Corporation) have decided they don’t need to apply for licence coverage under the EPL”.


Nativesrule established clear felling had been occurring since around 2005 at least
and published images of it from the air via google maps

Was It Legal?

We found out that Regional Forests Agreements made in the late 1990’s between the states and the Howard/COALiiton government allowed states to log by their own rules.  In NSW the Integrated Forests Operations Approval rolled all NSW environmental legislation into one parcel which forestry was allowed to ‘self monitor’.  3rd party rights (i.e. the rights of the people of NSW) were removed so that no-one could legally take action – even if state forest broke its own rules. Ony the Minister of the Environment or the Minister of Forestry can do anything. For this reason citizen action groups like Nativesrule get out in the forest and compare what happens with what’s meant to happen:

Audits and Reports – EVIDENCE of systematic destruction and illegality

• Audit of Compliance of Forestry Operations in the Upper North East NSW Forest Agreement Region
• Audit of Kerewong State Forest Mid North Coast by Nativesrule
• Audit of Girard State Forest by Dailan Pugh for the North East Forest Alliance (Preliminary)
• Audit of Doubleduke State Forest by Dailan Pugh for the North East Forest Alliance (Preliminary)
• If a tree falls: Compliance failures in the public forests of NSW
Environmental Defender’s Office (NSW) Ltd, Sydney, Australia by Hammond-Deakin, N. and Higginson, S. (2011)

How to Tell Everyone?

National Forest Forum 2011 Conversion NSW Forests to Psuedo Plantations

North Coast Regional Forest Forum September 2012 including aerial footage of devastation and summary of Mid North Coast situation, presented to the forum.

Horror Story With Hope 2013

Australia will Burn if Intense Logging Continues – Logging and Bushfire Danger

Exposing the Nationals of Lyne electorate helping Australian Forests Products Association in alliance with the North Coast Industry Task Force (headed by Douglas Head of Australian Solar Timbers and assisted by National State MP Leslie Williams and Hastings Mayor Peter Besseling) to attempt to create a forest furnace and biomass base in the North Coast.

Going On the Road for the state election 2011

And now the big one – We have to save Australian Forests in 2013


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