Deforestation Facts

There is a Huge Push by Corporations to Rort the Carbon Trading Economy

It is About Burning Forests

It is Biomassacre

It is promoted by the COALition


Greg Hunt’s Direct Action Policy Native Forest Biomass to European Furnaces


Loopholes in international carbon trading schemes call burning forests for energy ‘renewable’. The COALition promote native forest conversion to wood pellets for co-firing with coal and other nasty things.  They will export for overseas furnaces rorting a phoney global ‘green energy’ trade.  Yet South Eastern Australian Forests are proven to be able to store more carbon per hectare than equatorial rainforests and are one of the best land carbon sinks in the world.

Below is all from our 2013 campaign: Little has changed …..except THEY (Big Timber with the help of the COALition) did all that we warned they would when they came into power and now native forests ARE being increasingly felled and trucked to power stations in NSW and other places

Learn from HISTORY. This is how the politicians voted re burning forests to burn for fake carbon trading

How they voted in 2012 when the independent Rob Oakshott bowed to pressure from the National Party in his electorate to make  burning of native Australian Forests eligible for carbon trading via renewable energy certificates: 

COALition: 72 in favour

Labor, Greens and some independents: 72 against   

What did Australian Scientists have to say about it then ?  Read the letter they wrote to Oakeshott imploring him not to bow to Business Council and COALition pressure.

The Business Council of Australia was lobbying COALition to remove national environmental protections calling it ‘Greentape’.

In December 2011, the Business Council of Australia were so powerful they were present at a COAG meeting of state governments with the Prime Minister and tried to get Julia Gillard to give away the federal right of veto over important environmental decisions so that states could not be controlled no matter what they tried to do with mining or coal seam gas or developments or forests. Fortunately she did not permit this but it was a close call as they lobby hard and can bring down governments as were might see.  The Business Council is again trying to have this happen.  Where COALition government or Liberals have power at state level they are already enacting legislation and setting up their state forestry departments for the big burning of Australian forests.  .

In July 2011 all members of a federal Multi-Party Climate Change Committee agreed to exclude native forest wood from being subsidised as a renewable energy resource. The Renewable Energy Target regulations would be amended so that native forest biomass would not be regarded as “renewable” when burnt to generate electricity.

It didn’t mean that waste from forest operations couldn’t be used to power equipment around mills.  It just meant that creating electricity from natives forests would not receive Renewable Energy Certificates (RECS). (Wholesale electricity retailers and some generators must source at least 20 per cent of their electricity from renewable sources backed by RECs).

Despite the fact that the whole idea of ‘renewable’ energy sources is to stop CO2 pollution and despite the fact that living forests absorb CO2 and absorb increasingly more the older they get, and can even bring Australian s money if left in the ground, the Big Timber Industry wanted forests to be burnt for profit.

The ex – President of the National Association of Forest Industries, Douglas Head, (himself standing to gain from the right to get RECS from burning forests as he has contracts for native forest wood) lobbied the Member of Parliament, Rob Oakeshott, former National Party politician, to move a motion in the House of Representatives that native forests could be burnt for producing carbon trading profits.  We explained above that every member of the  COALiton voted in favour of giving money to corpoations for burning native forest biomass.

Why would a COALition government allow our carbon sink, our wildlife’s home and the catchments that are the source of our drinking and farming water, to be burnt and destroyed when we know the deforestation facts – forest destruction means the end of civilisations   

The COALition government will give bargain basement price access to Australia’s forests because the big corporations fund them to get into power at election time.  The international corporations want the easy money that comes with ‘owning’ or being ‘gifted’ Australia’s raw materials, not just minerals and gas, but the forests.

The COALition have changed legislation to grant long term access so that corporations have virtual open slather on Australian forests and other resources

The COALition government has had an ongoing arrangement with big business to dismantle Australian environmental legislation to gain access to Australia’s resources, its gas, its coal and now its forests  – despite the deforestation facts.

If  Liberal National Party COALition government policy remains in this country we will see ongoing felling and the burning of the home of our wildlife, the destruction of our catchments – the source of our clean water – as our forests are felled, and our greatest land based carbon sink is turned into a source of CO2 pollution.

International corporations want ‘evergreen’ extensions, of contracts to our forests that roll over every 20 years or so.  That means – forever