Australia – NSW

The international push for wood to be burnt as a renewable energy is driving the ‘sterilisation’ of NSW forests – stripping them of mature trees that could house wildlife

South East Australia is now one of the eleven ‘hotspots’ of global deforestation

Illegal logging is rife in NSW as NSW Forestry flouts its own rules. Back in 2009 the Auditor General confirmed that NSW forests are being cut faster than they can grow back. This is a deliberate exercise because corporations trying to justify felling forests for furnaces and conversion to so called ‘biofuel’ can claim that no threatened species were harmed in the process. There will be no threatened species left to kill.

This IS illegal logging – the second wave of deforestation Australia.

With these machines ‘Regional Forest Agreements’ mean deforestation Australia

How can this be happening?  Shocking regional forest agreements made between the Howard Liberal government in the late ’90s (called regional forest agreements) and state governments favoured contracting Australian forests to the woodchip industry.  A ‘one stop shop’ style legislation resulted in NSW in total removal of any rights for a citizen to legally challenge how their own state forests were logged. The NSW government, not the courts, is therefore the sole arbiter of how its forest agency performs.  In effect there is a dictatorship in NSW.  The state government investigates itself even when disobeying its own regulations. No one can challenge the NSW state forest department (now called Forest Corporation NSW) which now answers to its industry investors, no longer to the people of NSW.  In NSW illegal logging is rife. For years now both South and North Coast NSW forests have been clearfelled.  Up until recently it was for woodchip;  the NSW Liberal National COALition government pretends that this is sustainable.  However it gets worse.  Instead of continuing the horror whereby woodchip slaughter saw our native wildlife’s home shipped to China for packaging, our state government is now about to ‘give’ our forests away.  They will not be managed for their shade and value in storing carbon, as a wood resource for the people of NSW or home for wildlife any longer.  This NSW COALition government is actively trying to set NSW up as a forest furnace and biofuel state.  And the rights of citizens to challenge this is virtually non existent. 

The NSW Liberal National Coalition has removed laws protecting native forests from being felled and burnt to make electricity.  Here is the regard they show for wildlife:


But if a federal COALition government get in you won’t have much hope.  Because this is part of a bigger plan, and it goes right to the top of the Liberal and National Party at federal level.