After Gunns Timber: How Tony Abbot plans to ensure that Tasmania is destroyed by Tasmanian Logging

This week Tony Abbott visited Tasmania and released the Liberal National Party (Coalition) Economic Growth Plan for Tasmania which means even worse Tasmanian Logging

On Page 17 of his ‘growth plan’

The Coalition will maintain its support for long-term Regional Forest Agreements across Australia. (That means extended contracts to international corporations to rip out natives forests across Australia – at least in Tasmania, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia … and will probably also be long term contracts established for Queensland)

The Coalition will not support any further protections for native forests. 

On page 18 of this document

In regard to Tasmania

“The Coalition has never supported Labor’s recent …. World Heritage extension, which was put in place against the will of the Tasmanian people, and we will seek to have it removed.

Tasmanian Wilderness that will not be protected if Abbott leads COALition to power this federal election 2013

The work of thousands of people over decades destroyed. The last wildernesses destroyed. The myriad rare creatures that lived here destroyed.

We (The COALition) will establish a 20-year rolling life to each Regional Forest Agreement and provide resource security and a stable investment environment to the forestry industry.”

The document is here: http://lpaweb-static.s3.amazonaws.com/13-08-15%20The%20Coalition%E2%80%99s%20Economic%20Growth%20Plan%20for%20Tasmania%20-%20policy%20document.pdfhere

And see this link for the decades of work of thousands and thousands of people who have tried to protect Tasmania – to be undone by Tony Abbott if he gets to power this federal election.  the Liberal National party must now be allowed in