Liberal National Party Forest Policy

Liberal National Party Forest Policy

Is to ‘give away’ Australian forests by renewing disastrous regional forest agreements.  These last at least twenty years but the LNP under the influence of the new big Timber/Energy Industry agree that these contracts to Australian native forest can ‘roll over’ before they are even due again.

So the destruction and clear fell of Australia’s forests will go on at an expanded rate and scale.

Nativesrule’s federal election road campaign is on the road now so people understand why it’s

LNP Last  – for Forests

Tasmanian Tiger with handler outside nativesrule truck

A sign of things’ to continue if LNP get in 2016 Sign of Liberal National party Forest Policy On the road to put LNP Last for Forests desperate to save Australian wildlife from further extinction

Nativesrule has made recent short films using google earth to prove what the Liberal National Party are doing to forests in NSW. Please go to our channel and look.  This is happening across Australia.  This is a national wildlife, forest and climate change emergency  We are witnessing extinction in action.

Liberals, at the urging of the Nationals and with support of the Shooters and Fishers and other right wing parties like Family First voted in 2015 to subsidise the burning of native forests as a renewable energy.  This is now in full swing.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies are going to start up companies associated with Big Timber to find ways of turning native forests into pellets to be co-fired with coal, into airline fuel, into all manner of other industrial components.  Our forests are being converted into factories for industry and into fuel for furnaces.

This is a crime against wildlife and the planet as it adds CO2 to atmosphere and drives intense logging for subsidies to power stations and those involved in carbon trading rorting.

The Industry has admitted its plans:  Here is a report from ABC Rural Monday February 22nd, 2016.

“The Australian forestry industry will promote the use of biomass for energy production…..Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Anne Ruston chaired the sixth annual Forest Industry advisory Council meeting last week.  She said the industry recognised a need to take a ‘less traditional approach’ to forestry in the future.  Ms Ruston said foresters would seek to develop markets for timber and biomass products to be used as ‘renewable’ energy resources…..’The Industry is very keen to move into this ‘renewable’ energy space.’

Note from this report the facts.  There is no crying demand for native forest wood for building.  This industry ‘will seek to develop markets’.   It’s simply a case of ‘there is a resource’ how can we exploit it ?a sign of state forest true intentions  There is no regard for the fact that no more additional CO2 should go into the atmosphere.  There is no regard for the fact that these forests are the home and sustenance of life forms both rare and unique to this continent.  No forest means – no creatures.

LNP OUT – for Forests – NOW or never

Extinction is the second name of Australia

Extinction before we have even begun to know our continent’s creatures properly

This is a tragedy of massive proportions

We need our forests for our wildlife, to cool our continent, to create refuges in climate change conditions

Multinationals want Australian forests for offset carbon emission trading and are fooling Libs/Nats about the so called ‘bio-energy’ future from burning wood instead of coal

Even a school child knows this is dangerous and exacerbates climate change

These corporations are wanting Australian forests to rort as they wish.  They have told Libs/Nats that if they want to re-win power fed election 2016 they will have to do what Big Timber says and renew the contracts that give them access to our national forest resource.  Labor has at least made a stance against subsidising the burning of native forest biomass for power.  Only the Greens however have committed to exiting the loss making native forest industry that has destroyed our forests and lifted many more species onto the almost extinction lists.

Once again LNP LAST – for FORESTS of it’s goodbye forests forever