Queensland – 2 million hectares of forest that was destined for protection will now be logged because of the Liberal National Party Premier.  Bigger bushfires here we come, climate change accelerated.  Either way Queensland will burn and lose its tourism to industry and destruction into the process – not to mention the rest

it is not only a forest that is destroyed; it is all that lives within it

These exquisite rainforest birds are to lose their homes as they shall be destroyed for logging by QLD Forestry

It took committed conservationists decades to stop the outrageous clear felling of Queensland native forests.  It was an irony that the state known for its rampant clearing of its precious vegetation had finally stopped destroying itself.  The rogue state had led the way, thanks to the tireless efforts of committed conservationists who gave their time – their whole lives – to stop the destruction of the vegetation of their state.

So when other states ended up with ‘Regional Forest Agreements’ (supposed to ensure Australian Forests were not destroyed but which did not protect them asstates have for too long been allowed to manage forests by their own rules), Queensland conservationists organised that in their state the clear felling would end. And an agreement was made whereby they did not have a natives forest woodchip industry.  With the labor state government they embarked on a programme to protect world heritage areas and to restore the terrible damage that had been done by the various Liberal National Party government.

So how many other beautiful and interesting creatures will be destroyed as the South East Queensland Forests are to be re-opened for logging by the Liberal National Party in 2013 ?

Cassowaries – almsot extinct because of loss of their forest homes in North Queensland

So Queensland was on the path to restoration of its precious forests – until the Liberal National Party Premier Campbell Newman won election.

Almost immediately he revoked protection for forests and gave the go ahead in February 2013 for QLD Forestry to log almost 2 million hectares of forest and woodlands so precious that there were eligible to become world heritage areas and national parks. He also pushed through plans to do away with the Code of practice for more reasonable logging on public lands.  QLD Forestry disguises this weakening of forest protections as operational efficiencies. The SE Qld forests as well as cypress and western hardwood areas are all NOW OPEN TO THE LOGGING INDUSTRY ! See the Leaked Document (PDF).

If the Liberal National Party win the federal election no forest in Australia will be safe