Liberal, National, Shooters and Fishers forest policy

not a win/win

For wildlife and the taxpayers it means lose,

and lose again….

Big business wants ‘evergreen extensions’ of contracts to Australian forests – the long term rights to log the guts out of them for phoney carbon trading whereby they call energy from burnt forests ‘renewable’. This is Liberal, National, Shooters and Fishers industry policy.

If the international timber industry gets extended access to our forests, whether they end up burning them for energy or abide by a possible future international policy change to leave them in the ground to sink carbon, it will be the large corporations that have the access to our resource.  With ‘evergreen’ contracts corporations will own OUR carbon credits.

Under the pretext of fire prevention the Australian Forests and Products Association (AFPA) is promoting logging more forests, even national parks.  But converting native forests into sterilized landscapes, factories from which wildlife habitat is shipped out as wood pellets to Europe and Asia dries out the landscape. Science PROVES industrialised logging is creating a


Australia’s native forests are being sterilizedIf Liberal National Party industry policy continues beyond this state election, national parks and recreational reserves will be logged. Despite recorded promises that they would never log or mine national parks, televised on the eve of the 2011 state election, NSW Liberal Party policy is in line again with the National and the Shooters and Fishers Party industry policies, all heavily influenced by the Australian Forests and Products Association.  Should these parties achieve power in the March 2015 election it will be impossible any longer to ward off the logging of national parks because AFPA represents international corporations hell bent on resource stripping Australian nature.

Deforestation by industrialised logging. Cable logging to follow courtesy Liberal Forest Logging Policy

Huge trucks deep in forests now. Cable logging to clear fell entire mountains if Liberal and National Party Policy prevails at state election

2014 saw Liberal National pro-logging policy remove environmental regulations on instruction Premier.  Now the only thing protecting a forest in NSW is a ‘best practice’ guideline, not ‘strictly enforceable’ 

Australia: Deforestation. No longer a nice drive in the country

Australia: Deforestation
No longer a nice drive in the country

Coalition industry policy: more industry access to natural areas



NSW will face massive deforestation and an acceleration of the extinction crisis