Western Australia


Deforestation Caused by Logging

Ancient Trees – 600 years old – are being and will increasingly be destroyed under the Liberal Party WA and especially if the Liberal National Party win power in the federal election as they will abolish federal environmental power giving state governments power to do whatever they want.  Rare Cockatoos in danger of extinction are already being deprived of a home and a source of food – their very existence hangs in the balance in this federal election.

Jess sit on a 600 year old stump destroyed by loggers. Criminal acts to trees that are meant to be protected.

Jess sit on a 600 year old stump destroyed by loggers. Criminal acts to trees that are meant to be protected.

Jess Beckerling on a karri tree stump in an area of clear-felled forest near Manjimup. Carbon dating revealed karri trees up to 600 years old are being woodchipped.

 Picture: Daniel Wilkins Source: The SundayTimes

Only half of WA native forests remain and in WA South-west forests Jarrah, Karri, Marri, Tuart and Wandoo are sick and dying.  Intensive logging and unscientific burning which will seal their fate.  The water table has dropped in many places, depriving trees of water during the dry summer months.  Rainfall has decreased significantly, and trees are dying from drought stress.

Yet the Liberal Party WA government has released a 10-year Forest Management Plan to increase Karri clear felling and industrial logging of Jarrah. It also proposes an increase in the destruction of Marri trees, critical for the survival of endangered cockatoos by 40%.

WA’s Conservation Council is working with local communities and groups to save precious forests like Chester (near Margaret River) www.chester.org.au, Helms (near Nannup), Mundlimup (near Jarrahdale) www.saveourjarrah.com.au and Warrup (near Bridgetown) www.bgff.org.au .  These and other high conservation value (HCV) forests are listed for logging in the near future.

Against all scientific advice.  Why ?

The Forest Products Commission has prepared a contract to sell up to 400,000 tonnes a year of Jarrah and Marri logs to a power station.  Just as woodchipping was foisted on an unsuspecting public by the Liberal Party WA in the 1970s on the pretext of using ‘waste’, the forest products commission, proponents of native forest biomass spread the same misinformation. If there was no logging, there would be no ‘waste’.

Jess Beckerling, WA Forest Alliance spokesperson took samples from stored karri logs, which independent carbon dating found to be almost 600 years old. A COALition government in power, with a stated policy of burning Australian native forests for phoney carbon trading will ensure their ongoing, and total, destruction.

What they are destroying: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/ancient-karri-trees-destroyed-by-woodchippers-say-environmentalists/story-e6frg6n6-1226495048156

Aerial footage of the greed and destruction that will destroy WA biodiversity under a Liberal National Party federal government that will not stop what the Liberal party WA and the Forest Products Commission do.