Australia – NSW

Clear felling by Forests Corporation NSW from the mountains to the sea

destruction of NSW coast and hinterland 

Cable logging 30 steep water catchments northern NSW



Deforestation NSW - red cleared in one year

Deforestation NSW Liberal National Party Policy – red cleared by end 2011. Three times more gone with plan to increase logging if Liberal National Party gain power NSW state election 2015


The simple answer is ‘more madness’.  Here are the statistics derived from the government’s own reports:

LOSSES annually to taxpayer as government ‘privatises’ assets, ‘giving’ away NSW forest resources to multinational

2007-8 $14.4 million

2008-9 $4.67 million

2009-10 $4.11 million (pre-tax) but after tax loss of $233.38 million, (including the reversal of a tax asset relating to pre-1994 plantation establishment costs)*

2011-13 $44 million loss**

Annual PER HECTARE loss to taxpayers for destructive native forest logging –  the loss was DOWN from the previous $671 per hectare.  In 2012 we ‘only’ lost  $480 PER HECTARE to have our forests trashed to SUPPLY A MULTINATIONAL. That’s $480 per hectare of thousands and thousands of hectares per year.  You pay!***

*North East Forest Alliance submission to Inquiry into the Australian forestry industry, Dailan Pugh, North East Forest Alliance, March 2011

**H, Kenway, Will the Australian native forestry industry be the last Industry of Entitlement left in the land? (Appendix 1)


Intense overlogging has exhausted the wood supply along NSW coast.  Yet NSW Liberal Party Forest Policy and National Party Timber Industry Policy is to log all that’s left.  If Liberal National Party Forest policy continues with their win in a NSW state election March 2015,  Forests Corporation NSW will clear fell formerly protected steep catchments using the hated ‘cable logging’ method that has been destroying Tasmania. 30 North Coast NSW mountain forests will be clear felled and this will dry out the remote drainage lines where coastal water resources are first captured.  It will literally smash and remove habitat of lifeforms struggling to survive the recent NSW logging onslaught,those that  were able to flee to the steep slopes for refuge. It is common knowledge the coastal habitat of koalas is being destroyed.  Now their last remaining healthy populations are to be opened up to destruction. The habitat of our rarest forms of wildlife in state native forests has been SOLD by Liberal Party Forest Industry Policy and National Party Timber Industry Policy to overseas interests. HERE’S WHAT THE CABLE LOGGING WILL LOOK LIKE AS THE LAST OF NSW NATIVE FORESTS GOES TO BORAL and the TIMBER INDUSTRY

NSW Liberal Party Timber Industry Policy and National Party Industry Policy is clear fell of steepest catchments

NSW Liberal Party Timber Industry Policy and National Party Industry Policy is clear fell of steepest catchments

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONS ? After a flood of desperate messages from citizens, ecologists and scientists appeared in regional and Sydney media now disgraced Liberal Premier Barry O’Farrell worked out how to make it  impossible for the public to complain about breaches of logging conditions.  He just got the EPA to remove them.  They called it a ‘Remake’.  No rules, no breaking of rules.  Just ongoing and increased destruction.  Over the last few years journalists had dared to publish that Environmental Protection Agency refused to take action against Forests Corporation NSW.  Public servants are unwilling to do the job they are meant to do when it means losing their salay so they implement environmentally bankrupt NSW Liberal and National Party Timber Industry Policy.  The new legislation they have come up with (cynically called a ‘Remake of the Coastal IFOAs’) means there will no longer be rules for how logging can be done.  Instead it will be left to the industry to undertake ‘best practice’.  Problem is the small clause in Section 5.1 of the document, in the fine print that says: Best Practice will not be  ‘strictly enforcable’.  That means ‘NO RULES’ ! 

The corporations love it.  They have a taxpayer funded Forests Corporation NSW now acting as a broker for their timber supply deals, as an ‘operational’ arm administering private contactors and as a ‘lobbying’ arm to convince the public to give multinational investors what they want. This now privatised entity was once a government department set up to protect a public forest asset.

NSW taxpayers losing multi millions a year to have their native forests destroyed

We are PAYING to have our catchments, our timber resources, our wildlife slaughtered

We are paying to have our once exquisite state forests turned into a weed infested wasteland

We are watching our rare endangered wildlife being placed on the rapid extinction trajectory from which there is no turning back


The timber industry is pushing for up to a million hectares of national parks to be opened up to logging, for BORAL and others, such as Australian Solar Timbers. Industry demand’s that national parks be opened for logging has received official backing by the NSW Coalition state parliamentary inquiry and is supported by NSW Forestry.

The timber industry has successfully campaigned to reverse the paltry existing protections which are already ignored by NSW State Forests. They got the ‘Remake’ of the conditinos they wanted as above, no rules.

Where North East Forests are being massacred the Auditor General stated NSW State Forests are overcutting ‘faster than they can grow back’ to supply wood to multinational BORAL. Meanwhile NSW taxpayers fund COMPENSATION to BORAL though BORAL now claims it can’t even use these logs.  BORAL were turning our big trees, home of our wildlife, into woodchips.  Now they are selling their stockpiles to firewood contractors for $10 a tonne from their Heron’s Creek Mill. It is carted to properties west of Wauchope, chopped, then burnt as firewood in Sydney and other places. From BORAL’s woodchip mill at Tea Gardens our wildlife’s home has been shipped to China, for wood pellets, or packaging.  Recently BORAL tried to get Forest Standard Certification of its woodchip supply so it could claim its supply source was harvested sustainably by NSW State Forests.  Once deemed ‘low risk’, international certifiers realised that NSW Forestry is destroying the high conservation values of the north coast including soil erosion leading to destruction of clean water and downstream impact on oyster farmers and fisheries. So on June 19th 2013 BORAL announced it would get out of wood-chipping. Yet the slaughter by NSW State Forests and the timber supply agreement to BORAL remain. Supply is apparently such an issue that the NSW government is about to open up a million hectares of NSW national parks and reserves to logging.  Perhaps worse is planned for the wood they are stripping from our forests. Maybe BORAL is holding onto their timber supply agreement to see if they can get into the carbon credit rort planned by the federal and state Coalition governments ?

In the South East Forests up to one million tonnes of logs have been fed into the South East Forest Eden Chipmill every year for the past 30 years. South eastern Koalas, a unique subspecies, are critically endangered there, with only around 50-60 individuals left, and yet the wood chipping industry continues to clear fell those forests. NSW Forestry has already told community groups that there will be no sawlogs left in those southern forests in 2 years time. Only regrowth will remain.

NSW State Forests are severely degraded. Despite the fact that eucalypts do not mature and form hollows that support wildlife habitat for at least 150 years, native forests are logged on increasingly short rotations.  Once every 30-40 years it’s now in some places only 5.  It’s a process of intensive management that converts mature forests into quasi plantations where industry preferences dictate what species will be allowed to grow, with absolutely no consideration for ecosystem diversity and wildlife.

Disturbed ecosystems with the thick undergrowth of young forests, and the weeds that proliferate when the canopy is destroyed, cause Bell-miner related Dieback, (BMAD) – a condition with the potential to threaten the very existence of 2.5 million hectares of S.E. Australian Forests. Forestry NSW practices are undertaken with full knowledge of this impact. They sponsored the research and ignore the findings.