Invited by the Liberal Premier to a Public Land Use Inquiry the NSW Forest Products Association said they want over a million hectares of north-east NSW’s National Parks, Nature Reserves for logging – half the national park estate in north-east NSW.
Glossy Black Cockatoo flying out of our lives and memories when Liberal National Parties log the National Park last refuges

Goodby Glossy Black. A Liberal National Party COALition will log your last places where you try to find food – our National Parks

COALITION (Liberal/National Parites) will ‘mine’ forests as well as the land. Grafton, 29th July, candidates for New England and Page electorates, Barnaby Joyce and Kevin Hogan announced they want national parks to be logged

The North East Forest Alliance put out a media release immediately calling for Tony Abbott to clearly and unequivocally state whether the coalition will open up national parks for logging if elected.  There has been no public answer.  Spokesperson for NEFA, Dailan Pugh, said “It now appears that the Federal National Party is intent on acceding to the loggers demands to open up national parks for logging. The question is now whether the Liberal Party and Tony Abbott will agree to this. Electors have a right to know if a vote for an Abbott Government is a vote for logging national parks. The problem is that the loggers have been intentionally over-logging State forests for the past 15 years and now that they are running out of sawlogs they want to do over our national parks.”

Nativesrule thinks Liberal Leader Abbott will stay as quiet as he can about logging anything so that he can get into power after which then the international corporations funding his take over of Australia will do what they want – via THE AUSTRALIAN FOREST PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION