Liberal Party of Victoria and VIC Forests – Wholesale Slaughter of the Forests of East Gippsland

The last remaining habitat for the Victorian state wildlife emblem, the rare and threatened Leadbeater’s Possum is being logged by VIC Forests with no plans to stop.

With only about 1,000 individuals left, the Victorian Liberal/National state government has recently approved even worse logging laws in anticipation of a COALition win in the federal election, paving the way for forest furnaces.


Lead Beater Possum Extinction thanks to Vic Forests

Lead Beater Possum Extinction thanks to VIC Forests

Look – even Melbourne’s drinking water catchment is being destroyed !

Environment East Gippsland, (EEG) a community of volunteers, has had to take the Liberal Party of Victoria state government agency, VIC Forests, to court for violating the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act by not preparing protection plans  for the Glossy Black Cockatoo, the Long-nosed Potoroo, the Eastern She-oak Skink and the Large Brown Tree Frog. All endangered.  All could become extinct if this habitat destruction continues.


Goodby Glossy Black. A Liberal National Party COALition will log your last places where you try to find food – our National Parks

Goodbye Glossy Black. A Liberal National Party COALition will let the Liberal Party of Victoria log your last places where you need try to find food – the National Parks

These struggling animals are among 370 species which have no legal protection under regional forest agreements, despite being listed as extremely rare. Under state logging arrangements being listed as threatened means nothing – no protection. 

In a Supreme Court case in 2010 EEG proved that the Liberal Party of Victoria had failed to survey for and protect endangered forest wildlife for decades. 

Yet the Victorian Liberal/National government approved changes that will send Victorian wildlife to extinction. Look at them:

1. Promise unlimited logging contracts (currently licenses have 5 year reviews).
2. Remove government oversight of VicForests’ activities.
3. Effectively privatise the exploitation of the state’s most valuable public natural asset.
4. Promise to supply logs into the future that may not exist, due to fire, drought regeneration failure and so on.
5. Expose the tax-payer and government to paying hundreds of millions in compensation when/if the trees can’t be provided .
6. See forests managed by purely commercial interests with token to no concern for environmental, tourism, heritage, aesthetic or water values.
7. Make it impossible to alter the law if the wood/trees have been promised to a private company by VicForests. The government must provide the logs or pay massive compensation.
8. Allow VicForests Board of Directors to decide when, where and how much it will clearfell .
9. Override and ignore the Auditor General’s current audit of VicForests’ management and the recommendations that will come from it.
10. Remove environmental oversight of logging in native forests.